The Nordic Settlements in the Netherlands (Summer 2017)


The Gamified MultidisciplinaryĀ Archeology Adventure

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The Nordic Settlements in the Netherlands – Summer 2017

Is this a Nordic Settlement? Why objects of 4000 years appear in archeological site? Answer the list of questions one by one, and win gift certificates wonderful prices.

In the 27 images above and the video, LUIS walks among a forest in the Netherlands.

Your mission,

…if you agree to take it, is to discover where have been LUIS and the meaning of importance of this location. In order to help you with this mission, you may decide to play the game of the gods, as for valuable information you may find there for this mission, and answer the following questions.

Answer the following questions please:

0. What changes in LUIS along the trail ?

1. What LUIS refers to into this poem ? ” Today i visited one of the most prescious naturally created churches, a temple made of trees: earth under my feet, golden sun rays on my skin , forest dancing with the blessing of the winds, birds singing, such a wonderful day. ”

2. How many warriors could stand this military location ? Was it one? If you think it was, why ?

3. How many reasons could be an object of 4000 years old appear in this location ?

4. Why this settlement was at exactly this geo-location ?

5. Consider a military attack, which kind of tactics would have use the local tribe for self-protection?

6. Is the design enough strong for attack to the incoming enemies without going out of the settlement territory ?

7. What do you hear in the video? Why is that information important ?

8. Write a story, create a story, tell us about all you perceive in the images presented here. It could be a fantastic story, or a reference to ancient history or data you have read related to the location.

9. Have you visit the location, what did you experience?

9+ Why the following URLS are important for you to review?