Primordial Language


 (27 Pages e-book, Introduction, Game: Odin Theta Travel Map) The practice of prime language is the practice of a quantum, multidimensional, holographic, fractal, nano, symbolic language; a divine language. A divine language with the human kind realm would be that one of the organic sounding light. A highly advanced technology which its communication follows organic sounding light encoded language. While this particular language would be integrated by the human heart based consciousness, it would become, at the instant of its expression, a language dedicated to manifestation. While it could reach the divine stage of development, along the practice of its self expression, it is the ability of traveling among the divine verse of level of consciousness, that would make the practitioner capable o using it and communicating it. The use of prime language emotions, feelings, intentions, thoughts, colour, shape and light forms,  geometry, mandalas, units of communication created out of the mandalas (so called letters) and the words or sentences communicated with them. Available for Download at LULU